Top 5 Eye Makeup Tips For Beginners

Top 5 Eye Makeup Tips For Beginners

With social media gaining immense popularity, makeup has become an important part of our everyday routine. Whether we want to look more confident or just want to up our fashion gave, it helps us to create a new look by using a mix of colours and styles to dress up for that event. As eyes are usually referred to as mirrors of the soul, getting an amazing eye makeup done can make a big difference. Being a beginner, it might seem overwhelming as something as small as one mismatched eyeliner can spoil the look, but here are some tips to help you completely nail the look that you are going for.

The very first step is to make sure that you cleanse your eyelids, then put on a primer on top of it to prevent your eye makeup from getting smudged or not staying on long. Then, you can apply a little bit of concealer as well, starting at the outer corners of the eyes to the tails of the eyebrows. Make sure to keep two concealers in your bag. If you are going for a look that requires highlighting your under-eyes, then put on some concealer in dots underneath your eyes and then down the length of your nose. Next, put in some translucent powder (as needed). If you are not using primer, you can always just put the concealer and foundation on the eyes and then use a translucent powder afterwards.

Apply powder in places where you put your concealer, particularly your under-eye area, and allow it to settle while you finish the rest of your makeup. Apply a small amount of eye primer and allow it to dry, then use an eyeshadow base to give your shades a nice base to set. If you do not have an eyeshadow base, you can also use foundation or concealer. If you want your eyeshadows to last throughout the day, not crease, and your shade to really pop, use a good primer before going in with eyeshadow.

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For the lower part of the eyes (that is, right above your eyeliner) – use a darker shade of eyeshadow; for the areas above this, use a medium shade, and for the upper part, use a lighter shade and blend it all together really well. Very gently put black or dark grey eyeshadow on your upper, outer 2/3s of the lash line, and lower outer corners of your eyes, along your lower eye line. When applying it along your lower lash line and along the outer edges of the eye, you will want to use either a little highlighter, a smudger, or your eyeshadow pencil brush. Using your smudger, small shader, or pencil brush, lightly paint the glistening, clear shade of eyeshadow over the lower lash line and the skin area just outside of the internal tear ducts.

Run an angled eyeliner brush across the top of the pencil, pressing down on the roots of your upper and lower lashes to create a subtle, accurate line. Now, for the next step, you will want to put on some warm metallic colour on the lids, over your crease, along the lower lash line, and all around the eyes, extending slightly outward from the outer corners.

Apply one of your lighter shades to the whole of the lid, starting near your lashes and ending slightly above your eyelids crease. The lashes hide the edges of a black pencilled eyeliner, but the pigment in the liner makes your lashes appear thicker, giving you eye definition. Dab brown pencil in between your lashes for an invisible liner, then apply brown mascara for a natural look.

Highlight your wing-liner – and open your eyes up — by applying mascara only at the outer corners, just where the wings are, rather than going the whole way around the eyes. For a more subtle — and easier to achieve — winged look, spread out the eyeliner just outside of the outer corners of your eyes using a rounded shading brush. This not only makes sure that both eyes are symmetrical but it also keeps you from going too crazy with your eyeliner.

Instead of using a pencil to outline the lower eye line, which makes the eyes appear smaller, consider applying a clear layer of a pale brown or taupe shade to it. To keep your eyes looking vibrant and young, emphasise your inner corners with a lighter shade of eyeshadow.

Applying it will help other colours pop out even better. Blending a darker shade of eyeshadow into your eyes creases gives them that smokey, mystical look, while a lighter shade of eyeshadow or one with glitter on the inner corners of your eyes makes them appear larger and more vibrant. Add in long eyelashes on days that you really want to look the best to bring your A-game. Use eyeliner to give more definition and shape to the eyes, and finish off the look with a good mascara that will give the lashes length and volume. If you are looking for a quick fix, you can apply a thin line around the eyes and use an eyelash curler along with a volume-boosting mascara.

Don’t forget; you can always do something extra to add that special touch, so why limit yourself to just using different eyeshadow shades? You can also wear coloured contacts to create a more dramatic impact. For instance, try Halloween contact lenses that can complement your costume, or check out some amazing coloured contact lenses in Canada to find out the right colour that works best for your skin tone. Always remember makeup can mean different things to different people. For some, it might be a way to pamper themselves, while for some, a healing process. We’ll recommend playing with it a bit more to know what it really means to you and then diving deep into it.

In addition to it, to minimise the look of dark undereye circles and to give yourself a glowing, brighter look, go for a light undereye concealer, either by using a damp sponge or a makeup brush. If you are tired, your eyes are red due to a lack of sleep, or you want your eyes to appear larger, then put on white, tanned, or pale pink eyeliner along your lower waterline.

The rest should be lighter than your skin tone and may be used to lighten specific areas of your face or add definition to your makeup appearance.

Choose shades that can be used for an effortless day-to-day look, and you will want to have one highlighter – one in a lighter tone than your skin, one in the middle to give a colour pop to the eyes, one for contouring a darker tone than your skin, and one with a touch of black for added definition. It is important to begin eye makeup first with the basics, and once you get your hands on these, you can always get wild with colour and glitter. It will not only make your eye makeup look amazing, but it will also last throughout the day! To make your eyeshadows Insta-worthy, start by applying a super-light, ultra-neutral shade on the lids.

All in all, to prevent ruining your foundation with the fallout from the eyeshadow, complete your eye makeup first, and then continue on to the foundation so that your makeup looks fresh.