Pros And Cons Of Being A Musician

Pros And Cons Of Being A Musician

It takes tons of promotions, hard work, interpersonal skills, and business sense to succeed as a professional musician. The main benefit of being a professional musician is you get to enjoy your craft and make money, all while following your passion and doing something that you love. If you like playing music, then being a professional musician can actually make quite a lot of sense for you since you get to simply devote your time to what you love most in life, as opposed to the majority of people who are only doing this work because of money, and end up being very disgruntled by it over the long term.

It all depends on how you feel about these things, and if you simply do not want the classic life of getting married and having kids but instead want to pursue a more complex lifestyle, then a career as a musician could make quite a lot of sense for you. As you can see, there are a lot of different levels and ways musicians can earn, and the chances are that you will find your way. The advantage to all this for a musician willing and ready to tackle the business aspect of being a musician is the freedom to forge your own path in the business. There is much appeal in becoming a musician, but ask anyone who is tried and found success, and you will learn there are drawbacks.

You just need to take time to weigh up all of the pros and cons of being a musician so that you can make an educated decision that leads to a happier life long-term. Knowing that what you are so passionate about is the foundation of how you earn a living may make all of the drawbacks worth it. By working as a musician, you get a chance to improve a lot of people’s lives by helping them get through difficult times in their lives.

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Everyone knows what it is like to feel, and as a musician, you have a gift to help people understand their feelings and problems with your music. As a musician, you are going to be meeting people that you might not have had any connection to otherwise, fans and fellow musicians alike. You might even end up working with many cool artists at an early stage in your career and get an amazing opportunity to learn from them. It’s also important to consider here that blockchain music technology is now making it easier for artists to connect with their fans. Hence, going for a music crypto coin or other creative options can help you to better promote your band.

While some musicians earn money from simply playing music in the streets, others look forward to having a remarkable career as a musician, wanting to be truly famous. As a result, some musicians choose to do side gigs instead of making music their full-time work, just due to the irregular nature of working in the competitive art industry.

With touring making up a substantial portion of an artist’s income, many musicians working full-time would love that aspect of their careers and would be the envy of many others that would love the opportunity to tour more. We know touring plays an important role in the musician’s career, and most people who wish to have a serious go at this are going to need to perform a lot of shows and travel. While many musicians from big cities may carve out careers based entirely locally, others, particularly those from contemporary genres such as rock, hip-hop, and country, will have to go on tour at some point in their careers. Going on tour might seem like a dream, depending on your priorities, but being a musician can be a tough road for anyone hoping to get any sort of resemblance of normalcy or routine into their lives.

Being a musician is one of the most adventurous lifestyles you could ever choose; you might experience it like a dream or nightmare, depending on your personality. One of the most interesting things about being a full-time musician is you get to fulfil a lot of your natural desires at the same time. As a full-time musician, you can pursue your creative vision, define your brand, promote your music however you like, decide how you want to monetise your career, and so much more. One of the benefits of being a musician is that if you play your cards right, you have got plenty of time on your hands.

There are studies out there showing musicians practising anywhere between one and eight hours per day, and that is an enormous amount of time spent playing. If musicians rehearse and play music four to eight hours a day, they are at risk of developing hearing loss. Studies have shown professional singers and musicians make on average $37 per hour. However, musicians are at greater financial risk than employees for one reason: musicians do not usually work 40 hours per week (typically, they receive 2-3 gigs a week) and also have to deal with insurance and income taxes on their own.

Having to devote your entire time to making music can be as draining – maybe even more so than any other kind of work, since the creative job forces you to put your mental energy to use the most.

While there is definitely nothing wrong with working jobs that you do not enjoy in order to pay the bills, pro musicians know there is nothing so sweet as making a living doing something you love. We live in a world of contrasts, and virtually every pro is counterbalanced by equally unappealing cons. One of the hardest aspects of being a musician (or artist of any sort, for that matter) is that what makes some people love you and scream praises from the rooftops makes others hate everything about you. In conclusion, the musical arena is one that caters to the creative souls of the world, and if you are truly passionate about it, no challenge can stand in your way of achieving your dreams.   

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