Popular destinations for family holidays

Popular destinations for family holidays

  1. Sri Lanka

This tiny island has it all and is just one of the best holiday destinations for families. There is also the charming historic community city of Galle, that’s a joy to wander around.

Sri Lanka is among the best places in Asia for visiting wildlife, with more than 100 safe areas home to leopards, wild elephants, sloth bears and much more. You may even see blue whales off the island’s southern shore! To get a more hands-on creature experience, children’ can release baby turtles into the sea or assist bath an orphaned elephant in the Pinnewala elephant orphanage.

Sri Lanka also has water sports galore in addition to trekking, canoeing, mountain biking and white-water holiday opportunities. In short, there’s something here for everybody!

  1. Toronto, Canada

Although recommended as an excellent solo traveller’s destination, a town that’s sure to not disappoint family members of any era in Toronto, Canada. Visit CN Tower and enjoy the view from the top of the tower. From there, you may have seen your next trip: the Royal Ontario Museum and its very architectural Michael Lee-Chin Crystal.

After feeding your head from the Natural History and the World Culture galleries, it is time to hit the streets and feed good Ontarian soul food.

When your family has completed overeating on Canadian specialty Poutine (gravy-covered cheese chips ), one of the terrific things to do in Toronto with children is laugh away the calories at an improvisation course hosted by the Bad Dog Theatre Company.

  1. Nuremberg, Germany

Everything is bigger and better in Nuremberg, the town in Bavaria after Munich.

Getting around is made easy. Large families can buy two adults and up to four children tickets from Tages Ticket Plus scheme to save money on public transport.

Go to the old buildings which survived the devastation of war such as the 13th-century city walls and it is five gates or the Fuell merchant road with average timber-frame houses. Period to the WWII war crimes tribunal called the Nuremberg Trials, and you may go to the still-functioning courthouse and the court 600 where it happened.

  1. Singapore

This little nation is jam-packed full of fantastic family attractions, terrific food and is just such a simple spot to visit while still getting the advantage of experiencing different cultures.

By Universal Studios on the family-friendly Sentosa Island into the futuristic Gardens by the Bay to eating the local cuisine in a hawker centre, there are lots of things to do to keep the children entertained at this ideal family vacation destination.

The subway is efficient, which makes it quite easy to avoid. English is the common language, and it is on signs everywhere to make things much simpler.

Singapore is often treated as a quick stopover destination on the way to someplace else — do not make this mistake! It’s among the best family vacation destinations in its own right.

  1. Japan

Regardless of the size or age of your loved ones, few travel destinations compare to Japan. It is safe, clean, and vibrant with exceptional actions. Besides Kyoto’s 17 UNESCO sites, the area has hiking, rafting and courses in traditional crafts.

Then there is Tokyo, where future and past melt together like nowhere else. Kid-friendly museums and public events are around town, a lot cheap (or free) for kids.