Simple Ways To Do Zombie Makeup

Simple Ways To Do Zombie Makeup

If you are someone who likes doing their own makeup but wants to avoid practising on a mirror over and over again to get everything exactly right, then please read on to learn more about some of the simple ways to do zombie makeup. 

To really nail that zombie look, there are some basics you will need for Halloween makeup. While these simple Halloween makeup ideas were all created by talented makeup artists, they are easy enough for beginners to recreate (with some practice, of course). With makeup-only costumes, you can be as wild as you want with makeup, and you can wear anything that feels right.

The Makeup-Only Costume is easy to recreate using some of the coloured eyeshadows you already have in your collection, along with a little bit of dark pink lipstick, golden highlighter, and some facial jewellery. You will need some different coloured face paints to get this look, along with a concealer for smoothing out your eyebrows and a brush with fine points for details.

Apply darker shades of eye shadow on your cheeks and forehead, and mix in till you get the look you are looking for. Take a makeup brush and sweep it across your lines using your green or purple eyeshadow. You can even use the eyeshadow to add a few bumps and bruises to the side of your face if you want. Grab your brush and a few grey eyeshadows to add a ghostly outline to the face.

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Then put on a light layer of makeup using either your hands, makeup brush, or a sponge. You can achieve a creepy look by using dark and green makeup and applying it lightly with a sponge. You will also need a sponge for applying the makeup and a glitter eyeshadow palette to get this look. Use a primer, foundation, light liquid cosmetics, and setting powders first.

Depending on your skin condition, you might need to consider some special products that are relatively healthier for your skin. Try to keep the base light. When your face and neck are fully covered and your skin looks beautiful, then grab some black eyeliner and outline your eyes. Next, apply white face paint or powder to all of your face and neck, aiming for an appearance as though the blood has been drawn out of you, making you look as if you have died.

Once your zombie makeup is on its finishing stage, spread or dab some fake blood mix on your face. Always remember that adding in a fake wound with your makeup can enhance the overall look. For an appearance that is weeks older, mix in some green and yellow shades for the effect of the wind causing it to rot. Make sure to rub off some dirt on your skin in order to achieve a realistic-looking zombie face.

If you are looking to create a picture-perfect zombie look to share with your friends on social media for the holidays, you need to invest some time in your makeup. Your tiny little zombie may not have the patience to commit to several hours of makeup transformations, so please keep in mind your target audience. You can also go crazy with creating your own zombie makeup, which is ideal for beginners and makeup gurus alike.

The zombie makeup is actually a very customisable look, whether you want something ultra-glam and shiny or just the plain one. It would be best to watch some zombie makeup tutorials first to get some idea about how to recreate the look. There are some simple techniques that beginners can use to add that extra touch of style. For instance, they can up their fashion game with the help of some amazing Halloween contact lenses. Being one of the people who are quite scared to put anything in their eyes, the most suitable option is to check out some good quality Halloween contact lenses in Canada and order them beforehand to get some time to get comfortable in wearing them. 

As far as the zombie outfit is concerned, you can keep things simple by focusing more on your face. You can use shades of black, brown, and burgundy eyeshadows from that palette for the T-shirt as well, and incorporate that same black colour in various creases of your face, neckline, and shoulders.

Afterwards, let the liquid latex dry, carefully peel off areas of it, and darken zombie injuries with the black and burgundy eyeshadow. Add a little black eyeshadow to your eyes, then take a sponge and bring a little bit of that black creme makeup onto your cheeks and mouth. To create the sunken eyes of a zombie, smear the red grease paint down along the base of your eye sockets and the top of the lids, using your fingers.

For the final touches, make sure that your skin looks pale and use your black eyeshadows to give your face that slender, boney look zombies are so good at wearing. Liberally apply fake blood on your injuries for ultimate bloody effects. Use blue and purple makeup for faux bruising. Use darker makeup to create a dirtier appearance that looks like you have crawled from a tomb onto your feet and hands.

All in all, dark eyes, messy hair, and a bloody nose and mouth are all you need to be resembling a zombie this Halloween. Whether you are going for zombie nurses, school girls, doctors, or sheriffs, you can apply these makeup tips to make your costume stand out from the rest.