How To Decorate Your House With Mirrors

How To Decorate Your House With Mirrors

If you are looking to add some flair in your home, the latest trend that you can utilize is wall mirrors. Decorating with small mirrors above the couch or behind a pair of chairs or console tables can really open up the smaller living room visually.

You can place any kind of mirrors which will work well with a tight space, making a room and particular spaces appear bigger and larger, which are the rectangular, larger mirrors. If you have small dining room, mirror murals would copy this space by expanding floor and ceiling. You can tell strategically placing the mirror where it is placed in your dining room is similar to adding windows.

All you have to do is to position a mirror across from the window, or next to the lamps or candelabras, to reflect the light back into the room. Always use a mirror on a wall facing a direct window, it will give you the feeling of being more vibrant and will bounce natural light to the other parts of your room. Placing the mirror opposite a window will help to lighten up the room and give the feeling that it is more open.

When placed strategically, mirrors can help to reflect light, lighten the room, and give an illusion of greater space.

Mirrors create an illusion of depth and space, so they can really help to make a smaller room seem larger. Mirrors are awesome for a lot of reasons: They reflect light, they open up spaces, and they make rooms just generally look better.

Mirrors also reflect light, and as a result, can make your home much more dynamic. If you have a room that does not receive a lot of light, or is painted in a darker color, adding a mirror is a great way to lighten the room.

If you have an especially dark room, you may even want a big mirror over your bed in order to bounce the light off of your ceiling fixtures. For instance, you can see in this room the mirror is reflecting the light coming in through the front door and re-bouncing it all over the room. Hang the mirror on the wall perpendicular to a window, and it will reflect outside, making the room look double its size.

While we often hang mirrors according to available wall space, it is important to consider what is going to be reflected back at you. To ensure that your mirror fits into the rest of your decor, choose a shape and a framing style that fits everything else in your room. While mirrored furniture can be wonderful at reflecting light and making walls look longer, do not put one in a room where there is lots of activity.

Either way, any little bit of Mirrored furniture can have a huge impact on your rooms style. That is, a mirrored gallery wall would be nice in a room that is not too busy.

A long-length mirror leaning on a wall is a nice decorative piece to employ in a small room. Do not only save mirrors for small spaces, reflecting your own decorations back also makes a room look more welcoming and full. In a small space desperate for balance and depth, a mirrored door can add the aesthetics of a full-length mirror, without taking up space on either your floor or your walls.

Not every mirror is meant to go on a wall; mirror stands are an attractive living room decorating idea. Mirrors promise to add tons of light to your space, and are easily cleaned up if splattered. Mirrors increase light while reflecting it throughout your space, making them ideal pieces for darker rooms and open, coastal designs.

Although every home is different, so every room will get different results from applying mirror murals. Hang a framed mirror opposite of whatever you want it to mirror, and think about how the frame and reflections complement your rooms beautiful color scheme. If you are looking for ways to use your mirrors in your decor so they pop, then avoid leaving them hanging around.

Tricia Huntley loves hanging mirrors facing windows to capitalize on natural light, but if your room does not have windows, placing the mirror close to the light will have a similar effect. Properly placing a mirror with a arched frame can make any room in your house appear a lot larger than it actually is; mirrors are effective at reflecting space. Especially if you have a very small yard space, hanging a mirror from the fence or on the side of the house, or even tacking it on a tree, can be a good way to give off an illusion of lots of space.

Make your living room a focal point with a big mirror that has a fancy metal frame or a faux metal frame. Without a coatrack or feet, just prop up the large mirror with the elaborate frame against the major wall in your room.

Use Mirrors from Walls to Floors If there are no windows in the living room, utilize large decorative full-size mirrors to brighten up the space. You can use an antiqued, floor-to-ceiling mirror to add some interest to a room that is otherwise plain. A decorative mirror can serve as the show-stopper of any drawing room, bedroom, or even in the office, and you can put up any type of mirror that fits with the appearance of the room, whether it is rounded, framed, decoratively rectangular, or even an illuminated mirror, it could work wonders in beautifying your interiors.

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